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€35 per user, per month

Search and compare rates in the most accurate database
Retrieve accurate total costs by using gross weight or loose details
Highlight the best rate, whilst showing all rates in the trade lane
All your data, stored safely in our cloud

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Included features

Opportunity Management



Pipeline overview

Global Schedules

Teams and Roles

Cost Calculations

Detailed Shipment Information

Weight Break Cost Optimization

Trusted by 1,500+ companies worldwide

Cargoguide helps us get better margins and more customers.

Renaud Masson
Clasquin France Airfreight
Renaud Masson
Clasquin France Airfreight

After implementation we've rapidly adopted Cargoguide's software.

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I cannot imagine how to work without Cargoguide's software.

N. Mikhilov
Alliance Cargo Germany
N. Mikhilov
Alliance Cargo Germany

Simple to use software, attractive monthly costs, friendly and quick support.

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Cargoguide's software has become an everyday necessary toolbox.

Hanne Månsson Heede
DSV Panalpina
Hanne Månsson Heede
DSV Panalpina

It helps us to constantly be aware of our buying rates vs selling rates and keep focus on profit margins for every shipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable are the rates within Cargoguide?

With our dedicated teams and custom software we keep the rate database as close to perfection as possible. By filtering out unique errors in all rate sheets we receive on a daily basis, we strive to maintain the highest reliability standards. However, we strongly recommend to verify the rates with the carrier/GSA just to be sure.

Are there any set-up costs?

No, there aren’t any set-up costs. We keep it simple.

How long does it take to set-up?

Cargoguide is cloud based, no installs necessary. You can start using Cargoguide as soon as we’ve verified your eligibility and have set-up your account. This would approximately take 1-5 working days depending on the request. Features that are managed by Cargoguide could take a bit longer to set-up, in this case we will inform you on the set-up time based on the requirements.

Why choose Cargoguide over other Rate Management solutions?

Being the first independently managed pre-filled database since 2003, Cargoguide has become the largest and most accurate airfreight database in the world.  We’ve established great partnerships over the years and have been able to build trust within the market since then. Furthermore, Cargoguide allows you to streamline all shipment opportunities within the easy to use application. Make smarter decisions and increase margins, start today!