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Unlocking the advantages of online rate management

juli 31, 2020

As an online air freight rate management platform, Cargoguide simplifies the overall experience of searching and comparing rates, while enabling forwarders to easily create customized quotes faster and more accurately than ever.

Cargoguide’s intuitive quote builder enables forwarders to generate quotes from earlier compared rates, adding the ability to apply margins and charges, before being sent out directly from the platform. Shippers are notified by email and guided to a private web page to accept, decline, or ask for amendments, helping the user to close deals faster.

Transparent and relevant rates

Cargoguide presents an itemized cost-calculation breakdown, with any charges the shipment is subject to. When the carrier provides size limits, it removes any rates that are known to be incompatible from the results, based on entered shipment dimensions. Weight break cost optimization highlights the best break rate per carrier for the entered shipment, while showing all weight break rates in the trade lane. With full visibility, users can be confident about choosing the best rate available.

Structured and integrated features

Users can create, send and publish price lists with selling rates for specific customers or partners. A Pipeline overview helps them manage and track all of their sales opportunities, using a guided process from request to booking. Reviewing flight schedules, forwarders can view relevant routeing options and aircraft types to generate insight over which carrier is flying where and at what frequency. Finally, managers and team leaders can also assign permissions to specific teams or user roles as required to control feature and data access for individual users.

Co-ordinated sales approach

Tailored quotes help create a structured sales approach instead of working with hastily drafted emails, with different fonts, logos, and style variations, across the business. Users can pre-set company charges and selling margins or discounts, that can be connected to specific customers or groups, preventing mistakes, and ensuring that all relevant upfront agreed charges are quoted to the customer correctly. Quotes can be reviewed and responded to by the customer via a private and secure web page. This provides an efficient, standardised workflow that enhances the customer experience. Responses from the customer immediately update the personalised Cargoguide environment and triggers an email notification that helps accelerate follow-up activities.

While the global air cargo sector still grapples with the impact of Covid-19, it is becoming increasingly important for forwarders to explore new solutions to innovate, enhance their operations and reduce costs.

Online rate management platforms, like Cargoguide, are rewriting the rules on what is possible and opening up the sector to new and more efficient ways of working. Please contact us if you would like to know more about unlocking the advantages of online rate management with Cargoguide.


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